Community liaison officer


A community liaison officer is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with local communities and other groups of interest who may be affected by the development of the offshore wind farm. They will be the main point of contact for the local community, raising awareness and advocating for the benefit of the project for the local community.

Lifecycle stages

Development and project management.

Typical employer


Place of work

Onshore in an office but will travel to visit relevant communities near the wind farm site and attend public information events held by the developer.

Typical working pattern

Full-time. May be required to work flexible hours outside of a typical 9-5 position.

Education, training and qualifications

Minimum NFQ level 7 minimum in business, marketing, public relations or other relevant fields. Strong customer service, interpersonal and negotiation experience is essential to this role.

Knowledge of the offshore wind industry as well as knowledge of issues within the local community is highly desirable.

Typical entry position & transferable sectors

Entry roles can include community relation assistants and customer service positions.

Highly transferable from any industry.

Career possibilities

Community liaison officers can progress on as senior community liaison officers and similar stakeholder engagement positions.

Full time salary estimate

€30,000-€50,000 per year, depending on experience. This salary range is for this specific role.