Construction project manager


A construction manager is responsible for all onshore or offshore construction activities. This includes budgeting, fabrication management, logistics, stakeholder engagement, supervising various activities and commissioning of offshore wind farm components.

Lifecycle stages

Manufacturing and installation.

Typical employer

Manufacturer or EPCI contractor.

Place of work

Onshore in an office but will regularly visit the port and construction sites.

Typical working pattern

Full-time. Flexible working arrangements may be available.

Education, training and qualifications

Minimum NFQ level 7 in construction management, engineering or project management or other relevant fields.

Experience (5 years) in project management in relevant sectors such as construction, oil and gas, and transportation.

A technical background in mechanical or fabrication engineering is desirable.

Extensive experience in a construction site manager role in a related heavy industry.

Professional certifications in project management (such as PMP) and industry-specific certifications (such as GWO certification for working offshore) are desirable.

Typical entry position & transferable sectors

Entry roles can include site managers and logistic managers.

Transferable from similar industries as a construction site manager in mining, power and oil and gas.

Career possibilities

Construction project managers can progress to become technical directors, project managers and project directors.

Full time salary estimate

€50,000 (Construction project manager) -€120,000 (Project Director) per year, depending on experience.