An ornithologist studies the behaviour of birds, their habitat and their migration patterns using this information to help protect their habitat both during construction and the lifetime of the offshore wind farm. They are responsible for orchestrating ornithological surveys and impact assessments and using the results of these surveys to provide expert advice to mitigate the ornithological impacts of offshore wind farms.

Lifecycle stages

Development and project management.

Typical employer

Specialist contractor.

Place of work

Onshore in an office. Offshore on a vessel.

Typical working pattern

Full-time. Flexible working arrangements may be available.

Education, training and qualifications

Minimum NFQ level 7 in ecology, zoology or a relevant field.

Work experience or voluntary work, on field surveys or in a research lab, is desirable.

Typical entry position & transferable sectors

Entry roles can include ornithological consultancy roles or research roles.

Highly transferable from similar industries such as oil and gas.

Career possibilities

Ornithologists can progress on as senior or principal ornithologists or as a specialist consultancy.

Full time salary estimate

€28,000-€70,000 per year, depending on experience. This salary range is for this specific role.